Stress is Stress is Stress

As you pack up the kids, run the grocery store for the 8th time this week or hold down the work fort as you seem to be the only person in the office this week I beg you to remember: Stress is stress is stress.

Good stress still wears you down. Being around people 24/7 because there is no where private in the beach house filled with extended family, still wears you down. Not drinking enough water because you laid out all day on your beach towel will still dehydrate you and it will put stress on your body.

Getting married? Still stress. Running a trail race? Still stress. In early pregnancy or just had a baby? You bet- stress.

By now you maybe thinking that all hope is lost. If everything is stress then why bother with all this “self care”.

Stress not! This is a more you know situation. When we zoom out and realize the stress that is present in our life it allows us to put buffers in our days and it especially allows us to mentally give ourselves space and grace to take care of our own needs just a-little bit more than we do right now.

Here is three “stress buffers” you can add today:

  1. Spend 3 minutes during your lunch break to breathe. Set an alarm on your phone. Now count to three as you breathe in and then count to three as you breathe out.

  2. Get up 5 minutes earlier and step outside. Just stand there. Maybe you stand there for a minute or two and take in your surroundings. Can’t get outside? Open a window and watch the morning unfold before you start your day.

  3. Away with family this week? Take a break. Go for a solo 5-10 minute walk (mama’s someone will watch your lovely kids)

When thoughts of “I should be…” arise remember family/vacations/slow weeks at work are kinda stressful too and if your cup is empty then you will be pulling from your reserves to be present which will only cause you to be further stressed out.

So here is your reminder that you are kicking ass. You are doing all the things and yes, even vacations can be overwhelming. Let me know what your favorite stress buffer is on instagram @Be.counseling

Mary Sanker